5 Helpful Resources for Appraisal Trainees

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Are you an aspiring appraiser or licensed appraisal trainee? As you embark on your new career, you’ll find there’s a lot to learn about the ins and outs of the business. While starting out in the appraisal industry is relatively easy due to low startup costs, it does have its challenges for newcomers. To help you start off on the right foot in terms of technical knowledge as well as business know-how, here are several useful resources for appraisal trainees offered by McKissock Learning.

1. Webinar recording: Basics of the HP 12c and Its Usage in Appraisal

Learn the HP 12c keystrokes for solving common appraisal problems. In this special 2-hour webinar, instructor Dr. Sam Martin covers the basic functions of the HP 12c financial calculator and its RPN operating system, plus shows how to solve common appraisal problems found on the appraisal licensing and certification exams and in appraisal practice. We recommend that you have your HP 12c available for use during the webinar.

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2. Survey results: Do You Plan to Hire a Trainee Appraiser? Why or why not?

Many newbies in the appraisal profession struggle to find a supervisory appraiser who will agree to take them on as a trainee. In a recent survey, we asked real-life appraisers, “Do you plan to take on a trainee appraiser in the next 5 years? Why or why not?”

Fortunately for any aspiring appraisal licensees out there, many survey respondents said they do plan to take on a trainee appraiser. While it’s true that some appraisers don’t want to hire a trainee for fear of competition, other appraisers feel that hiring a trainee is the “best way to grow” and that the industry needs new blood.

Read the full survey results for further insights that you may be able to leverage in your search for an appraisal supervisor.

3. Blog post: How to Find a Real Estate Appraiser Mentor

As previously mentioned, experienced appraisers are sometimes reluctant to take on appraisal trainees. They may fear that the newcomer, once fully trained, will become a competitor. However, this is a “greying” business. Older appraisers will often want to keep the business alive, and thus will be glad to train a successor. Additionally, busy appraisers may be eager to find a trainee who can take on some of their workload and help them grow their business.

Appraisers generally agree that an intelligent, enthusiastic newcomer will find a mentor—although it may require a diligent search. In this blog post, you’ll find expert tips on how to find an appraisal mentor.

4. Blog post: How to Write a Winning Appraiser Trainee Resume

If you’re an aspiring real estate appraiser looking to get hired as a trainee, how can you make your appraiser trainee resume as impressive as possible? What can you do make yourself stand out from the competition? And what are some common resume mistakes or “red flags” to avoid? In this blog post, experts weigh in on these questions to provide helpful insights for appraisal trainees.

5. Free download: Your Guide to an Appraisal License Upgrade

Once you have your qualifying education and trainee hours under your belt, the next step in your career path will be to upgrade your appraisal license. The three levels you can upgrade to include: Licensed Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser, and Certified General Appraiser.

To learn if upgrading your license is right for you, download our free guide to get insights on:

  • The top reasons why appraisers upgrade their appraisal license
  • Salary and fee insights for each license level
  • Steps and helpful tips for upgrading your appraisal license

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